federation square

11:00 am - Saturday, August 26th

We will be meeting at the time Out Cafe in Federation Square, then hitting up a few car parks then joining the Rally for Marriage Equality at 1:00pm. If you need a board, a helmet, pads or positive affirmations let us know.

Remember to keep yourself up to date on our instagram or facebook as events might change due to silly weather.

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We are Thrusher

Thrusher is a female focused skate community that supports people to start and progress in skateboarding by creating a positive environment for everyone at a skatepark.

We have an open door policy - boobies or willy and everything in between, all are welcome for a skate with the Thrusher crew whenever we're out and about.

Wanna join in?

Everyone is welcome to come skate. Look out for our posts on Instagram or Facebook for our next meet up, then come and hang out!

What about gear?

If you're not ready to put down the $$$ for your own setup and protective gear we have a few spare boards and pads handy for you to borrow on the day. You can also grab yourself some gear at our store by following the link at the top of the page.

Is this a thing just for the ladies?

Nope. We are female focused but everyone is welcome! Just be your rad self.

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